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Neues Buch
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             IN  GREECE DURING W.W. II. 1941 – 1944

Mein neues Buch behandelt die deutschen Geheim-und Sicheheitsdienste in Griechenland in den Jahren 1941-1944 und insbesondere die Abwehr (Ast), SIPO und S.D. und die GFP.
Deutsche Führungskräfte und die griechische Agenten in ihrem Dienst werden eingehend beschrieben.

Author: Byron Tesapsides
Pages: 255
Language: English
Dimensions: 29 x 21 cm
Binding: Softback
Price: book 29,00 + Reg.Post Europe 16,50, TOTAL 45,50

Aims of this book
In writing this book I intend to provide a brief summary of the personnel involved in the German army, navy and air force intelligence activities in Greece during World War II.
The personnel presented in this book have, mostly, been processed through the US Screening Centre at Ludwigsburg, Germany and their interrogations have been stored in the files of Intelligence Division APO 757, US Army European Command, the CIA files and the UK National Archives, London.
This book embraces all the German military intelligence activities in Greece, including its agents, the informers, their relationship with members of the Greek government and their information on the British and US intelligence services.
The German intelligence units it focuses on are: the Abwehrdienst (Ast, Espionage and Counter Espionage), the Fernaufklärungtrupps (FATs / mobile intelligence units), the SIPO- S.D. (Security Police), Agencies 2000 and 3000 (Stay behind nets), the G.F.P. (Secret Field Police). The archival material approaches the subject of the book from the standpoint of the personalities involved, directly or indirectly, in gathering intelligence that could be used against the Allies. This material is the result of interrogation reports after the arrest of the personnel involved by British or US services. These reports present an extremely reliable picture of the operations and ways these German secret and security agencies were organised.
All military ranks, agencies and places are in the original German of the archives researched. Personnel are listed with their names and/or aliases, position held and a brief history of their activities and in that order. In some cases only the name appears as no further information exists. The author has just processed and written down the activities of all that personnel from the British and US archives and does not express his personal opinion or views in doing so.
15 May 2017 Byron Tesapsides

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